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Server Downtime 2012-01-25

2012/01/25 10:31

Clients across all servers experienced a period of downtime this morning. The problems also took out our support site which is hosted on a seperate network. The issue was related...

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Datacentre Migration

2011/11/17 10:19

This announcement is to provide notice of a datacentre move on Saturday 26th November 2011 between 10pm and 6am (GMT). We have chosen this time so as to cause as little disruption as...

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Client Area Upgrade

2009/10/30 10:07

As you will have noticed we have updated our client support / billing area. The bulk of the changes are behind the scenes so for the most part clients will only see an improved layout. One...

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Ram Upgrade This Evening 16th October

2009/10/16 14:21

This server will be taken offline for a short period this evening (16th October) at 7pm UK time. This is to install some extra RAM into the machine. Total downtime should not exceed 15 minutes...

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MySQL upgrade from v4 to v5

2009/01/01 12:03

This is announcement contains information that is critical to all customers using mysql database services. On January 18, 2009 we will be upgrading MySQL to the latest stable version which is...

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Emergency kernel upgrades on all servers today

2008/02/13 00:00

We will be performing emergency kernel upgrades on all servers today. This is to perform a upgrade to patch a privliedge escalation issue in the linux kernel, due to this being a critical...

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Server Software Upgrades Complete

2008/01/07 00:00

The server upgrades mentioned in the previous announcement have now been completed. If any clients have any problems with the updated setup please open a support  ticket. 

Server Software Upgrades

2007/12/18 00:00

This announcement includes extremely important information pertaining to our upcoming server software updates. It is critical that all clients take the time to read this announcement in its...

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New Client Area

2007/10/29 00:00

We are pleased to announce our new client managment / support / billing area. All clients will now be able to do the following..... Keep name / address details up to date View current and...

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